Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Calata Corp Sizzles in IPO

Joseph CalataThe 31-year-old billionaire Joseph Calata proves that ‘age is just a number’ when his publicly listed company soared high in sales and with a successful IPO (initial public offering), Calata Corp has become part of the Top 1000 corporations in the Philippines.

This young business man is a graduate of De La Salle University with a Bachelor of Science in Commerce, Major in Management and Financial institutions. After graduating, he sees a boom in the agricultural sector that’s why he has decided to earn money from ‘aggrie’. He makes money by selling agricultural products such as feeds, fertilizers, seeds, chemicals, and others, and he was right that agriculture will really rise to the top.

In 2011, his company the Calata Corporation has become the best performing IPO in the Philippine Stock Exchange and it has yielded P2 billion in sales and P208 million in its EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization). P1.05 billion or more than half of its sales came from feeds, 24.4% from fertilizers, 22% from chemicals, and 11% were drawn from seeds sales.

Calata Corp. has its long-term partnership with leading manufacturers of agricultural products like San Miguel B-Meg (the country’s top feed brands) for feeds, Swire and Viking for fertilizers, Syngenta for crop protection, insecticide, herbicides, and fungicides, and other multinational companies like Bayer, Jardine, Dupont, and Sinochem. He also tied up with Magnolia and Monterey for farming.

Joseph Calata aims to expand the business by building retail outlets of agricultural feeds and chemical products in different regions in the country such as CAR, Ilocos, Cagayan Valley, Central Luzon, CALABARZON, and Bicol Region. He has been constructing 118 stores and would add another 100 outlets for the next 14 months. He also plans to increase the company’s market share by boosting product awareness, market presence, improve customer and market knowledge, expansion of market share and diversification of operations of his business. These efforts would make the company reach P3 billion of sales for this year, and these were not impossible for this young entrepreneur who is taking the agriculture industry by storm.
Joseph Calata

He is not only known for his great business skills, but for his good looks as well. He is even likened to the famous vampire Hollywood star Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson). His skills coupled with perseverance paid off because his 10-year-old company grew its market cap to P4.3 billion. He owns 60.45% of the company which means he is worth P2.6 billion even after being listed in stock exchange. His company has gone through a big leap in 2011, and it continuous to grow for this year with the company’s objectives on top of his list. Some of his objectives were to increase business coverage or the construction of retail outlets, increase profit margins, help local farmers by offering them very low prices in its products, and many others.

For many years he is giving his service to the company’s board of directors as a member from 1999 up to present. He has been the chairman of the board of directors since 2009 and was elected last year for another one year term. Truly, he is not only the nation’s biggest seller of agriculture products, but one of the best leaders of his generation as well.#

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