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Joseph Calata: Spearheading Agricultural Progress In The Philippines

Despite his young age, Mr. Joseph Calata is one of the most successful businessmen in the Philippines. He is the CEO of the largest distributing company of B-Meg feeds in the country, a corporation that he renamed after his family. He is also trying to introduce agricultural developments that seek to help local farmers and furthermore, the country.

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An example of his new technologies are the genetically modified seeds. These seeds can ward off pests and herbicides better. This lessens the chances of their crops dying so it means that they'll be able to harvest more when the time comes. Being able to harvest more will mean that they will be able to profit more.

The crops from genetically modified seed have added nutritional value. This makes them more desirable than crops that were harvested from traditional seeds. They also offer better resistance against difficult weather that is present in South East Asian countries such as the Philippines. Again, this serves to benefit farmers and their profit.

These are the reasons why the Philippine government has educated farmers all over about the wonders of these seeds. They have also educated farmers on the benefits of using golden rice. You see, most of the rice being sold in the Philippines today have been found to lack Vitamin A and the government hopes that golden rice will solve this problem. And since rice is the country's staple food, it is of utmost significance for the government to resolve this right away.

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Mr. Joseph Calata and his company also distributes products that assist plants as they grow. These products improve the plants' defenses against drought, stress, pests, weeds, and just about everything else. These pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, plant growth regulators and seed treatments are all helpful in making plants grow better.

Thankfully, Mr. Joseph Calata has partners in trying to help these local farmers. He has joined forces with international companies - DuPont Agriculture, Monsanto, Syngenta Global, Bayer CropScience, Sinochem and Jardine Distribution. As these companies research for more agricultural developments, let's hope that they are able to start the green revolution the world badly needs.

Joseph Calata has introduced many agricultural developments in the Philippines. He has successfully introduced products such as genetically modified seeds and the golden rice. He has done this through his company, named after his family.
-Alison Ward

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